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Real Reindeer at Harrogate Christmas Market

The reindeer at Harrogate Christmas Market are brought in by a very reputable local business based in the Harrogate District.

The company has been running for many years and has the highest standards of welfare for all its animals. It specialises in educating people about animals, including a schools programme which helps children to understand about caring for animals in the correct way.

Only animals which are comfortable and confident with the public are brought to the Christmas Market and they are closely monitored throughout the day to ensure they are well and happy. The reindeer are outside Santa’s grotto, which is in a quieter corner of the Christmas Market, and they are constantly supervised by their expert owners. The reindeer are taken away each night to a secure stable where they are extremely well cared for.

There may be owners who do not care for their animals in the proper way, resulting in concerns for welfare and safety, but we are absolutely confident that that is not the case with the company we use. We have had the company with us at Harrogate Christmas Market for several years and we have every confidence in their abilities and in their ethical treatment of all the animals in their care.

We would not allow the company to continue to work with us if we had any concerns about the animals’ welfare or the company’s high standards. The company is subject to rigorous checks by Harrogate Borough Council.

Harrogate Christmas Market is run on a voluntary, not-for-profit basis, with any surplus being donated to local not-for-profit organisations and events which attract visitors and support businesses in Harrogate, including the annual Harrogate Christmas Lights appeal. See for further information.


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